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Andy Chinn

Andy Chinn
Andy is the Commercial Director for the ITI UK operation and has worked in the CAD and engineering analysis environment for over 30 years. He gained an Engineering Science and Technology degree from Loughborough University of Technology, before working as a Systems Engineer for defence company Hunting Engineering (now Lockheed Martin), and then as part of the CAE Management team at UK train maker BREL (now Bombardier). Andy has worked at ITI for 23 years, providing engineering data exchange and interoperability solutions and consulting. He is responsible for the sale and application of ITI's solutions in Europe, CADfix OEM integration partnerships, and CADfix European and Asia Pacific distribution. He works with major customers in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries, helping to ensure effective product data re use across diverse CAD/CAM/CAE applications.
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Legacy data migration for the MBE environment

Andy Chinn on January 5, 2017

The ongoing revolution for a lot of today’s engineering enterprises is the implementation of 3D Model Based Design (MBD), using applications such as...

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Six PLM challenges for manufacturers considering MBE

Andy Chinn on November 21, 2016

At a recent industry event we challenged managers and senior engineers, asking them whether any of the following PLM-related issues faced by...

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Tartan Meshing and Twinkles!

Andy Chinn on October 17, 2016

The history of CADfix is an interesting topic that is not familiar to all CADfix users. I thought it worth highlighting one area of extended...

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