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Doug Cheney

Doug Cheney
Doug Cheney is a CAD Validation Specialist at ITI. Doug earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University after attending the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). His career focus has always been CAD interoperability, starting with his Masters thesis on Multi-CAD Application Development. At Ford Powertrain he initiated CAD model quality research and led the PDES, Inc. STEP translator testing forum, now called the CAX Implementors Forum. Doug has been a key contributor to CAD interoperability projects for most of ITI's major customers in addition to organizations such as 3D PDF Consortium, JT Implementor Forum, PDES, Inc., ProSTEP, and JAMA. Doug has been the driving force behind CADIQ since joining ITI in 1996.
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Zero Article Inspection™ with CADIQ Strengthens the Digital Thread

Doug Cheney on September 14, 2017
Why do I need to control variation with Zero Article Inspection™ (ZAI™) if I am using a proven PLM system?

As described in the first blog in our ZAI™...

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Making a case for Zero Article Inspection™

Doug Cheney on August 18, 2017

There will always be differences between the design model and the manufacturing model. Zero article inspection answers the important and potentially...

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