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CADfix PPS Highlights Webinar

Posted by Elliot Samuels on January 27, 2021

CADfix PPS can be employed to rapidly simplify complex MCAD files into lightweight models with significantly reduced file size. This allows models to be integrated into downstream plant layout applications with ease, eliminating long import times and downstream system instability and crashes. 


Utilizing an extensive suite of simplification tools, CADfix PPS allows complex geometries to be reduced to simple representations, while retaining the outer envelope for effective space management and clash detection within the overall plant layout.


Intuitive interactive tools allow users to process models with little need for training or experience and maintain close control over the resultant simplified model. 

The tools can be employed fully automatically, using parameterizable configurations of tools and tolerances, minimizing the need for user interaction. CADfix PPS batch capabilities allow large quantities of data across multiple models to be reduced to plant-ready lightweight representations, with virtually no user interaction. The command-line batch mode means that simplification processes can be integrated into the most complex fully automatic data management workflows.

This short 15-minute video gives a high-level insight into what can be achieved with CADfix PPS in terms of rapid model simplification and orders of magnitude in file size reduction.


Watch video here!

Topics: CAD, Interoperability, CADfix, Conversion/Translation