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Talking CFD Interview with ITI's Mark Gammon on CADfix

Posted by Claire Pollard on January 24, 2017
Claire Pollard

Talking CFD is a weekly podcast which brings together a diverse selection of CFD industry experts and leaders to discuss business, interesting product developments and issues being faced by the industry and the wider CAD/CAM/CAE community.

The Talking CFD podcast, now in it's second series, has interviewed Mark Gammon, Technical Director at ITI (UK) and CADfix Product Manager. Although CADfix is not a CFD solver, it provides a vital role pre-CFD to ensure that the CAD is ready to be put through the meshing process and reduce the time getting from CAD to CFD solver.

To listen to this episode and past episodes of Talking CFD, either listen via the Soundcloud panel above, head over to Talking CFD, listen on iTunes or go to the Talking CFD Soundcloud page.

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