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ITI releases CADIQ version 9.1

Posted by Margo Spurgeon on September 29, 2016
Margo Spurgeon

ITI introduces CADIQ 9.1, the latest edition of the leading CAD model validation application. CADIQ identifies model-based design (MBD) issues that adversely impact downstream processes, such as tooling, simulation, manufacturing, and model re-use in the supply chain. 

CADIQ analyzes the geometry and product manufacturing information (PMI) in CAD models, looking for both intentional and unintentional changes. Once changes are identified, CADIQ creates easily sharable 3D PDF documentation detailing the results.This ability to quickly and easily identify and document quality issues, unexpected translation issues, and engineering change order (ECO) modifications is critical in today’s evolving MBD environment.

An essential part of any collaborative design and manufacturing process is the validation of translated files to ensure that no unexpected deviations have been introduced and that the model is 100% accurate. “By natively comparing geometry, design features and PMI to identify significant differences, CADIQ offers more robust validation than any other solution on the market. This is why ITI has been selected by consortia and industry standards groups, including the 3DPDF Consortium, PDES, Inc., and LOTAR, as their validation partner,” stated Don Hemmelgarn, ITI’s Senior Executive VP of CAD/CAM/CAE Interoperability.

The following improvements to the comprehensive validation of STEP geometry and PMI can be found in CADIQ 9.1.

STEP model validation enhancements

STEP is an ISO standard used by manufacturers for neutral file exchange, and used increasingly for long-term data archival. Validation of STEP data identifies any geometry or PMI issues before the data is used downstream. This is especially critical in Model-based Enterprise (MBE) environments, where traditional drawings no longer exist to communicate this information. The latest release of CADIQ includes performance improvements for large and complex STEP files. CADIQ also supports STEP validation properties, such as the ability to evaluate mass properties and generate face sampling points on the native model, and append these to the STEP file.

PMI quality checking improvements

The latest CADIQ release includes improvements to PMI quality checking as well as the addition of a new Creo assembly PMI revision comparison prototype. CADIQ 9.1 now comes with PMI modules which add diagnostics to the CADIQ analyzer, enabling PMI quality checking and comparison at both the part and assembly level.

CADIQ verification of translated CAD model, identifying changes in PMI

CADIQ is packaged for use in desktop or server environments, is easily integrated into design release and check-in and check-out processes of PLM workflows, and can be embedded in interoperability automations solutions.

CADIQ 9.1 also includes many other enhancements to its supported CAD interfaces including: CATIA V4 and V5, NX, Creo, Inventor, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP,JT, 3D PDF (PRC and U3D).

For complete information on CADIQ 9.1, visit the CADIQ product page:


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