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What's New in the Creo Integration for Teamcenter

Posted by Margo Spurgeon on November 1, 2017
Margo Spurgeon

Back in July we introduced our latest demo videos for the Teamcenter integration for SOLIDWORKS. Now our Teamcenter Creo integration specialist, Lorraine Dennis, has created an excellent new walk-through of the Teamcenter integration for Creo.

For over 15 years, ITI has been a Siemens PLM Teamcenter partner, and authors of the popular SOLIDWORKS and Creo integrations for Teamcenter via OEM with Siemens. Many of our clients are more familiar with the acronyms given years ago to these Siemens products: "SWIM" for SOLIDWORKS, and "IPEM" for Creo. 

This new Teamcenter integration for Creo demo covers Creo 3, Teamcenter 11 and iPEM 11.4. However, as of this blog post, support for Creo 4 is available in the integration.

Teamcenter integration for Creo

In less than 6 minutes, Lorraine demonstrates how to create a new CAD part in Creo 3, and then using the IPEM integration, easily manage the Creo part in Teamcenter. Lorraine shows how the ITI integration allows for configuration in the "Save As" step, and how to submit to a workflow. This demo also covers how to create drawings, JT visualization files, and revisions.

BOM Mapping in the Teamcenter integration for Creo

In this short video, using Creo 4, Teamcenter 11.3 and the Teamcenter integration for Creo 11.4.1, Lorraine demonstrates how to:

- Add lines to ipem.xml for BOM mapping
- Add a feature parameter column in the Creo model tree
- Add FindNo values in the model tree
- Alter FindNo values in the Teamcenter structure manager
- Updates attributes
- Display FindNo value in Creo BOM table
- Drive drawing balloons

Despite using hetrogenous products - the iPEM integration allows for Creo and Teamcenter to work in harmony.

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