What's New in CADIQ 11

What's New in CADIQ 11 webinar

The rise of model-based initiatives in manufacturing is increasing the need for model re-use. For many customers, stringent requirements demand a high level of data integrity. Whether for downstream manufacturing re-use or for inspection, there is a greater emphasis on the need to trust the CAD model as it moves through the digital enterprise. 

CADIQ is the industry-leading validation solution to identify model-based design (MBD) issues that adversely impact downstream uses and processes. With the latest functionality in CADIQ 11, you can achieve your model quality and validation requirements with confidence:

- Quality Checking (finding defects)

- Derivative Validation (looking for differences)

- Revision Comparison (identifying changes)


In this 30-minute webinar we will demonstrate:

• Use cases for CADIQ

• Improved 3D PDF reports

• Support for additional CAD features or structures

• Enhanced PMI validation for MBD models

• Improved CADIQ Controller and Viewer user interface


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