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Original air date: 07-22-2015

Runtime: 00:37:28

Webinar: Using Teamcenter as Your SolidWorks PLM Solution

SOLIDWORKS is a very popular CAD system and many customers are interested in managing this CAD data with Teamcenter. ITI has helped many companies make this transition.

The SOLIDWORKS integration with Teamcenter (SWIM) does not take away any functionality, but does require a bit of thought to understand the way Teamcenter manages data compared to the typical SOLIDWORKS file management approach. Teamcenter can improve data integrity as well as ease data sharing within your organization.

This 30 minute webinar will discuss several areas where Teamcenter capabilities can be explained and adapted to better serve SOLIDWORKS users. By bringing SOLIDWORKS users into the transition team and developing a common basis for communication, your Teamcenter implementation project can be smoother and more successful.

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