Mitigating CAD Migration Risks Using a CAD Data Auditor

Webinar: Mitigating CAD migration risks using a CAD data auditor 

A major risk to the success of a CAD migration project is the predictability of quality results across a large set of models and drawings. Small testing samples, failure to filter poor quality source files, and poor quality translation results lead to missed deadlines and unexpected amounts of manual correction effort.

ITI employs a CAD auditing process during migration assessments to help uncover expected challenges, quantify the impact of these challenges, and plan how to most efficiently stage and migrate large amounts of complex data. 


Join us for a 30 minute look at how use of a CAD Data Auditor can help to:

  • Rapidly quantify the feature content of thousands of CAD documents
  • Use analytics to route files to the most appropriate translation process
  • Identify which files are likely to require manual post-processing to correct errors
  • Predict post-processing requirements for more accurate resource planning

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