Minimizing Risk and Uncertainty in CAD Consolidation

Webinar: Minimizing Risk and Uncertainty in CAD Consolidation

Every engineering team faces a CAD consolidation project at some point, due to acquisitions, legacy migration, etc. These complex projects can bring uncertainty and anxiety as teams face the prospect of migrating large volumes of CAD data to a new system.

A properly managed CAD consolidation project incorporates CAD analytics, PLM considerations, robust analysis, and translation tools to provide the highest quality data in the new CAD system.

ITI’s approach allows teams to preserve a high degree of fidelity when moving CAD data. The result of this industry-proven approach is maximum confidence and minimum uncertainty regarding translated CAD data.



In 45 minutes you will learn how to:

  1. - Apply CAD analytics to measure your project’s risks and challenges 
  2. - Incorporate CAD-to-PLM integration, metadata, and template requirements 
  3. - Design a plan that incorporates engineering, PLM, and IT
  4. - Transform 3D model feature history and maintain 2D drawing associativity 
  5. - Decide between data conversion and remastering solutions 

As the industry shifts to MBD, the digital twin, and advanced manufacturing, CAD consolidation can give your business an advantage.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how to gain confidence in your next CAD consolidation project.

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