Migrating Inventor, Solid Edge or SolidWorks to CATIA

Webinar:  Migrating Inventor, Solid Edge or SolidWorks to CATIA

Global manufacturers and their strategic technology partners are often challenged with cost-reduction initiatives centered around CAD licensing consolidation. Pockets of different CAD tools often exist within an organization due to acquisitions and/or small groups of previously autonomous users. Preserving the value in legacy data is often a key component in achieving standardization among these groups.

Inventor Solid Edge SolidWorks to CATIA
ITI’s solution for transforming and migrating mid-range CAD (i.e. Inventor, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks) to CATIA is built upon over twenty years’ expertise and employs a consultative approach to use automated tools for minimizing manual work, preserving maximum CAD content, and ensuring accurate data transformation.

Join us for one of our tactical how-to seminars to learn about the following topics:
• Pre-project risk mitigation via CAD data audits
• Geometry translation versus feature translation
• Automating associative drawing translations
• Meeting best practices for PLM/PDM requirements

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