Zero Article Inspection™


When the 3D model is moved through the digital enterprise, model variations can be introduced by several sources between design and manufacturing. The 3D design model and the 3D manufacturing model should be digital twins with only negligible variations. Issues such as out of synch versions, diverging modifications, and human negligence typically are not identified until first article inspection. Some of these may be documented, some may not. As manufacturing begins, variations that are missed can cause expensive product warranty issues, product recalls, or worse. 


To make the most of MBD, manufacturers need a tool to identify variations before first article inspection, before any manufacturing is done. 

Zero Article Inspection™ with CADIQ gives engineers a way to address any significant variations before first article inspection. This means zero materials, zero tooling, zero waste.


Webinar: Making the most of MBD through Zero Article Inspection with CADIQ