Managing Data Consolidation during Corporate Acquisition

Webinar: Managing data consolidation during corporate acquisition

Acquisitions are a challenging experience for many companies. These projects often require at least one of the parties to give something up to a new corporate system. This may be in the form of control, product lines, or even a career. People challenges and technical challenges, in addition to the schedule and budget constraints, make for especially difficult projects. ITI has supported several different scenarios around the data consolidation activities of our clients during acquisitions, and we have suggestions to help make the data transition easier. 

CAD migrationPLM migration

Topics covered include:

  • Types of acquisitions and their specific challenges
  • Suggestions for defining a good project management team and a strong technical team
  • How to engage both companies/divisions at multiple levels as the planning and alignment phases take place
  • Setting realistic goals for what data needs to be migrated into live systems, compared to archived for long term retention
  • The advantage of hiring an experienced data migration partner

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