How to Simplify Large MCAD Models for Plant Design

with CADfix PPS

Webinar: How to Simplify Large MCAD Models for Plant and Process Design with CADfix PPS

Learn how orders of magnitude in file size reduction and simplification can be achieved ahead of integration into 3D plant and process design systems. This webinar will demonstrate how CADfix automates the simplification of 3D CAD models for large equipment assemblies.

Users of Autodesk, Aveva, Bentley, CADISON, and Intergraph process engineering technology will learn how to save days of non-productive geometry handling, increase efficiency, decrease time-to-market and get to commissioning faster by employing automated CAD model simplification processes.


In 45 minutes you will learn how to:
1. Quickly reduce the complexity and details of large equipment installation models
2. Dramatically reduce file sizes ahead of import into your plant layout system
3. Improve interoperability between MCAD software and your plant and process engineering systems
4. Calculate ROI on an automated simplification solution, using our complimentary Excel calculator

Join us to discover how simplification can help you reduce file size and complexity.

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