Why CAD Geometry is Not CAE Geometry

Webinar: Why CAD Geometry is Not CAE Geometry

Commercial CAD tools have matured at an impressive rate over the last 30 years. Today they provide the de facto industry solution for the creation of sophisticated, highly realistic, parametric geometry, capturing ever-increasing levels of detail and complexity.

However, for engineers and analysts performing advanced simulation, CAD geometry is frequently quoted as the single biggest bottleneck in their workflow. It accounts for hours and days of time lost performing manual clean-up and simplification. The result of this work, a CAE geometry model, drives the most sensitive stage of many simulations - mesh generation.


Through the CADfix product, ITI has been tackling the issues of re-using CAD geometry for simulation for over 40 years, starting in the days before CAD, when hand-made mesh was the "geometry".

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • - Pressing geometry issues affecting the simulation industry
  • - The source of the issues and their negative impact on producing acceptable CAE  geometry
  • - Novel techniques ITI is deploying, like the 3D medial axis transform, which unlock some of the key CAE geometry challenges

Learn how you can better re-use CAD geometry for simulation

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This webinar is presented by ITI Technical Director and CADfix Product Manager, Mark Gammon. After graduating with a degree in engineering science from Durham University he was first employed as an aerodynamicist in the UK military aerospace industry. During his time at BAE Systems, he was fortunate enough to be involved in the transition from mainframe computing to the first 3D-enabled desktop computers. After experiencing first-hand the game-changing potential that 3D digital modeling offered engineers, he moved into the commercial software business with ITI, where he has worked in the field of advanced geometry processing for the last 25 years.

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