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Original air date: 11-05-2014

Runtime: 00:59:42

Webinar: Implementation of an MBD Environment at NAVAIR - NAWCAD

This webinar will detail a project that was initiated at the NAVAIR Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) in Lakehurst, NJ to evaluate an MBD design/manufacturing/inspection process and determine its potential benefits and risks.

The engineering environment at NAWC created designs using 3D software. Although these designs were constructed using 3D models, they were fully documented with 2D engineering drawings for prototype/production. When manufacturing and inspecting these prototype/production items, only the 2D drawings are used. The equipment and technology to manufacture and inspect directly from the 3D data was available; however, many challenges exist. NAWC wanted to move to an improved MBD environment using 3D models and associated derivative files. A key requirement was the validation of the files created.


This webinar will detail:

  • Review of the 3D Technical Data Package (TDP) requirements
  • The process used for validation in order to enable an improved MBD environment
  • How 3D model geometry and PMI is validated for manufacturability using automated software
  • How derivative files were validated and provided with a digitally signed certificate as part of a TDP
  • Benefits, Risks and ROI related to MBD process changes

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