White Paper: Recommendations for Planning, Designing & Implementing MBE for MBD/MBM

In industries where research and development are a key part of operations, the Model Based Enterprise (MBE) can be an enabler of faster growth and higher profitability. The MBE business process development is fraught with risks. However, with a well-designed approach, the right leadership, goal setting, and preparation, many of the risks may be managed or mitigated, and MBE can be leveraged to spur growth and reap increased profitability.

David Baum, former MBE lead at Raytheon Corporation, has led the development and commercialization of new products in a variety of aerospace and medical device companies. In this document, Baum offers three program phases, recommendations for accelerating product development, including assessment tools that should be used to guide Model Based Definition (MBD)/ Model Based Manufacturing (MBM) business process development.

The three program phases covered in the White Paper include:

1. Planning 

2. Design

3. Execution


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