CAE Geometry Workshop Invitation

14-15 September 2017 in Cambridge, England

Cambridge-UK.jpgCAD has for decades been the focus of engineering geometry. Based on the research in the Cambridge University Computer Lab in the 70’s by Ian Braid and colleagues, both Parasolid and ACIS emerged as kernels in many of today’s CAD systems. These are all NURBS based, so-called, solid modellers. With constraint management, direct modelling and fast computing, artefact design has gone wonderfully organic. But to ensure such artefacts are fit for purpose, physical simulation is required to check their behaviour in the domains of strength, heat, fluid flow, electro-magnetics. Hence the wide development of discrete representations that enable computation of these simulations, based on the CAD geometry (FEA, CFD, CEM etc).

Generating these discrete meshes or grids from CAD geometry has been a frustrating business.
Consequently, it is now widely accepted that engineering simulation needs a variant of the CAD geometry, which is becoming known as
CAE geometry.

International TechneGroup Ltd. (ITI) in Cambridge (formerly TranscenData Europe Ltd, and before that, FEGS Ltd), has been working on CAE geometry and meshing problems for its clients for 30+ years. We believe it is timely to run a workshop on this topic to bring together those working in this field: end users, academics and vendors.

We see CAE Geometry including these issues:

  • surface representation
  • sub-division surfaces
  • iso-geometric analysis
  • geometry cleaning and repair
  • de-featuring simplification
  • dimensional reduction
  • partitioning
  • additive manufacturing
  • shrink wrapping
  • morphing
  • imprinting welding
  • reverse engineering of geometry
  • back-to-CAD
  • medial object/medial axis computation

We are including additive manufacturing since it seems that there are a range of geometry issues common to CAE and AM.

Invitations to our workshop are being sent to those we know are active with one or more of these issues, including:

  • technologists in: AIRBUS, ARA, BAES, BOEING, MBDA, MTU, Rolls-Royce, SANDIA +
  • academics in universities of: Cambridge, CMU, Cranfield, Groningen, Johannes Kepler Linz, QUB, Strathclyde +
  • vendors: ALTAIR, ANSYS, CD-adapco, CFS, MeshGems, MSC, SIEMENS +.

To encourage a full exchange of ideas, the workshop will be an informal event with no published proceedings, with attendees able to present last minute results. It will be up to each presenter to decide whether to distribute any presentation material. We will upload any material that a presenter wants to distribute, and publish links on our company website, as we did for our Medial Object Workshop, held in Cambridge October 2014:

Attendees will be limited to 50 to encourage and better enable discussion. The last session of the Workshop will be a plenary discussion, facilitated by Dr Malcolm Sabin.


Venue and Timing

The workshop will be run over two days in Murray-Edwards College (was New Hall), 5 minute walk from central Cambridge on Thursday-Friday 14-15 September.
Our workshop is timed to be just before the date of the next SANDIA International Meshing Roundtable (IMR) to be held in Barcelona, 18-22 September 2017.

Expression of Interest

We are inviting expressions of interest, in presenting. Please complete the form on this page. And please suggest others who might be interested to hear about this workshop.

Tourist Opportunities

Cambridge is less than an hour by train from London. Here are some tourist links:

Expression of Interest

CAE Geometry Workshop