CADfix PPS 3 - New Release

This webinar will review the latest release of ITI’s MCAD model simplification and file size reduction solution, CADfix PPS 3.

This release consolidates CADfix PPS as an industry-leading CAD simplification solution, allowing plant and process, marine and offshore, power industry, and mechanical design engineers to efficiently simplify MCAD equipment assembly models, for seamless integration into downstream systems. Employing CADfix PPS saves time and cost, and ultimately reduces the time to market. 

A key focus of the CADfix PPS 3 development has been on improving the performance of the automatic model simplification process, whilst maintaining the essential balance between model processing time, file size reduction, and the appropriate level of model simplification.




Register to learn about the advances in all areas of the CADfix PPS product, for both interactive and automatic model simplification.

During the 45-minute webinar we will discuss:

  • - Enhancements to automatic and batch model simplification
  • - New manual model simplification tools
  • - The updated Graphical User Interface and model display
  • - Import and export interface updates

Discover how the latest release of CADfix PPS can help you automate and simplify your business processes. 

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