Back to CAD: Robust Morphing of CAD Geometry based on Simulation Results

This white paper presents an automated approach to deforming CAD geometry based on the results of simulation. The morphing process is broken down into component steps: matching, deformation, and rebuilding. Issues associated with accurately rediscovering the mesh geometry parentage and how this can affect the quality of a morph are discussed.morph-2020

Connecting simulation and test results into the design process, such that analysis truly leads design, offers potentially significant breakthroughs. The new approach outlined in this white paper for accurate and robust morphing of CAD geometry based on simulation results can facilitate the missing bi-directional transfer of geometry between analysis/test/manufacture and design.

Two examples of industrial applications of direct CAD morphing are included: cold-to-hot turbine blade deformation, and aero-elastic deformation of aerodynamic shapes to reflect real world measurements.

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